Monday, July 21, 2008

Rushdie Breaks Book-Signing Record

As reported in The Guardian, Salman Rushdie recently signed 1,000 copies of The Enchantress of Florence in 57 minutes, breaking the previous book signing record held by Malcolm Gluck (1,001 copies in 59 minutes). Rushdie boasted that Gluck's "record is toast."

Gluck greeted the news with this comment: “I'm delighted to learn of Salman's achievement. I think it's very funny actually, it's like men boasting about the size of their sexual equipment, it's got nothing to do with any other aspect of their personality. I doubt there will be any women going for this record, this is just such a male thing."
Rushdie's achievement makes my signed copy of The Enchantress of Florence seem rather superfluous.


readerville said...

Just another amazing accomplishment to add to Mr. Rushdie's already impressive resume...but one does wonder, with everything else he's known for, why this would be so important to him.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian: "Gluck started the controversy, questioning whether Rushdie could possibly have signed as many books as he had claimed, or whether he had just scribbled his initials."