Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Obituary for the LA Times Book Review

The Sunday LA Times ran this note from David Ulin:

This issue of the Los Angeles Times Book Review is the final one in its current form. Starting Aug. 3, Sunday book coverage will move to a reconfigured Calendar Part II, which will be renamed Arts & Books and will feature dedicated space for books.In addition to Arts & Books, we will also continue to publish book reviews six days a week in daily Calendar. We will also publish book-related features, both in the daily paper and on Sunday. And, of course, we will maintain the online book coverage at latimes.com/books, including our Web columns and our book blog, Jacket Copy, latimes.latimes.com/jacketcopy.

Literature is essential to the well-being of our culture; it is the substance of our collective dreams. That has long been part of this newspaper's legacy, and even in the midst of changes, we will continue to honor it -- as we have since the days of Robert Kirsch and Art Seidenbaum.

I like that line about literature as "the substance of our collective dreams." A separate editorial notes makes the following comments about the end of the LA Times Book Review:
This final issue of the Opinion and Book Review section is a regrettable concession to the economics of the newspaper business and the particular travails of this company. However, the loss of these pages does not mean the eradication of such journalism, merely its relocation -- beginning next Sunday, book reviews will run in Calendar and the opinion pages in the main news section.

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