Tuesday, December 2, 2008

12 Days of Books: Day 2

Gift Idea #2: Audible.com membership ($45 and up)

Purpose: For booklovers with commutes

Audiobooks are expensive, and the latest bestseller often will set you back $20-50. Audible.com solves the problem. A gold-level member pays just $14.95 per month for the right to download one audiobook per month (a platinum-level member pays $22.95 for two audiobooks per month). Audible.com has all the latest titles along with the old classics. You can’t beat the selection or the price. Better yet, it’s easy to buy someone a gift membership as long as your intended giftee has an mp3 player or a CD burner. A 3-month, 3-book gift membership is just $45, a substantial savings over buying three separate audiobooks. Plus, you get the benefit of introducing your giftee to a nifty service. A 3-month, 6-book membership is just $69, an even greater savings. If you’d like to spend less, consider an Audible.com gift certificate for $10 and up.

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