Friday, December 5, 2008

12 Days of Books: Day 5

Gift Idea #5: Tower of books (price varies depending on the books)

Purpose: Turn a stack of books into a beautiful and fun present

If you're giving books as presents, consider creating a tower of books: individually wrap each book, stack according to size, and tie the pile together with a nice bow. A well-wrapped tower of books looks beautiful under the tree. This idea is particularly good for kids and young adults who will love opening each level of the tower. This idea is also a good way to transform a gift of used books into something more exciting.

Note: Half the fun of this gift is the beautiful packaging, so be prepared to spend some time and creative energy wrapping the books.

1 comment:

Book Lover Lisa said...

Great idea. I think I will do this with the pile of books I am sending off to another book blogger. Thanks.