Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Time for a Sabbatical

An AP story reports that Powell's Books, the large Portland-based independent bookstore, "is asking employees to scale back their hours or take sabbaticals to cope with disappointing sales." Layoffs have not been mentioned yet, but I'm sure the 500-person staff is wondering about job security (or lack thereof).


Anonymous said...


Jena said...

awwwww... but Powell's has the sexiest bookstore staff ever! buy from Powell's, people! (I love Powell's--my blog links to Powell's instead of Amazon.)

Laston Lastof said...

job security comes up --
job security, he says wistfully.
that must be some alien concept?
job Security? lets see what gives security to other things?
oh yes tie them to the thing you want to be secure. Now lets see this looks like it should hold. There. All tied up. Now, I am, saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Laston Lastof said...

oh yes and like Jena says
go to Powell's and buy books. Lots of books.
buy gift certificates to give to your friends so they will buy books.
donate books to local cat rescue in the name of Fup.
Read more.
Use books to decorate with.
Ask President Elect Obahma to bail out before crises is paramount. Who doesnt like to have a book to read while they smoke.