Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Measuring the Lit Blog/Book Purchasing Link

I started a survey yesterday in an attempt to measure, at least roughly, the influence of lit blogs on book-related purchasing decisions. This has been a much debated topic in the lit blogosphere recently with some people taking the position that lit blogs have no real influence on purchasing decisions and others strongly supporting the opposite view. Results are already pouring in, and I encourage those of you with blogs, Facebook pages, or other avenues of communication to post a link to the survey, either by linking to my link here at Literary License or by linking directing to the survey: http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/?p=WEB228QZGDZ7YL. And thanks to those of you who have already helped me spread the word. The more data that comes in, the better the results will be (but, please, only one survey response per person). I'll post a full run-down of the results on Friday, Feb. 13th.


Tiago Pavan said...

I own a bookstore here in São Paulo, Brazil, and also a blog that talks about culture and books. I can say that I had an increase of 70% in sales after blogging!

the bookstore is: 30porcento.com.br

and the blog,


Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen!
Some of my readers over at Fashionista Piranha have been commenting on other questions they thought would be useful, or different responses they had to the quiz. :) It might interest you, especially if you might do a similar poll in the future: