Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reminder: Literary License on the Radio

If you're in Houston tomorrow morning, tune into Sunny 99.1 at 7:50 AM to hear Andrea White (author and wife of Mayor Bill White) talk about Literary License and other Houston-based literary blogs.

Update: Apparently, there was a mix-up about which segments were going to be played during which weeks. I apologize for those of you who tuned in. Once I get the real date for the lit blog segment, I'll let you know.


rjnagle said...

What Houston-bsaed literary blogs? (!?)

Seriously, every so often I look around and I haven't found much to get excited about (which is strange, given UH's great creative writing program). I know of You're basically it. (maybe 100 word stories? Book Women ? Gwensworld? ). Surely there are librarians/teachers/grad students litblogging in a city as big as Houston?

While I veer into literary territory on my personal blog, in the last year or two I've focused on personal writing rather than litblogging.

By the way, I just finished handing off Teleread to an East Coast system administrator, so Teleread no longer is located in Houston.

That is actually good because it gives me time to launch more interesting projects. (Teleread started getting more newsy, and my interests are more about storytelling).

Gwen Dawson said...

I'm a fan of Teleread, and I liked that it was in Houston. Interesting to hear it's now run out of the East Coast, but I certainly understand your reasoning.