Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rent Books

Now you can rent books Netflix-style at Bookswim. Pay a monthly fee to get books shipped to your house. Keep them as long as you want. Send them back when you're ready for new books. The shipping is free both ways (with your paid subscription). This sounds like a good idea for people who don't want to buy every book they read but are without access to a good local library. This may also appeal to those who like the convenience of things showing up on their doorsteps. Apparently, Bookswim is renting textbooks, too. Assuming good availability of the right books, students could save quite a bit of money. A quick search revealed a decent (but not great) selection of recent literary fiction.


mike mitchell said...

No roaming around the bookstore? I don't think so....

Steph said...

I really do like this idea because I am completely lazy and love when things just show up on my doorstep. But I think the cost at Bookswim is more expensive than I would like... It looks cheap up front, but when their most basic plan is $19.95/month? That's way more than I pay for my Netflix account.

Plus as Mike said, there's something to be said for roaming around a bookstore.

I think I'll stick to haunting used bookstores and the public library!