Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Year of the Short Story

Harper Perennial is publishing six short story collections this year and, in further celebration of the form, has launched a blog--Fifty-Two Stories--that will publish a new short story every week. The stories are a mix of new stories never before published and backlist classics. Harper Perennial is also accepting submissions for new stories from readers.

The blog is nicely designed, and the story selections have been strong so far. In January, Fifty-Two Stories featured stories by Mary Gaitskill, Tony O’Neill, Simon Van Booy, and Tom Piazza. Last week's story was a story from Louise Erdrich’s new collection, The Red Convertible, which Harper published in January. This week there’s a story by Willa Cather from The Bohemian Girl, a forthcoming collection of Cather’s greatest short works. Future selections will include works by Katherine Dunn, Jess Walter, Mark Twain, and Dennis Cooper.


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An Anonymous Child said...

I actually like this idea. I feel like the short story has sort of died in the last few decades. It's not particularly marketable and most new authors don't bother writing short stories. It'll be nice to check this out.