Friday, April 24, 2009

Celebrating the 60-Year Anniversary of a Great Idea

Walter and Eva Neurath, fleeing Nazi Germany, arrived in London in the late 1930s. They met, fell in love, married, and, most importantly for our purposes, founded art publishing house Thames & Hudson. From the beginning, Thames & Hudson sought to "publish reasonably priced books on art, sculpture and architecture, in which words and pictures were integrated and accessible to all." The Times has a nice history of this family publishing house, which remains "one of Britain’s last family-held publishing dynasties."

In contrast to many of the high-price, glossy art books available these days, T&H publishes high-quality art books at reasonable prices. Personally, I've used many of their books in my studies, and I've never been disappointed. Find something you're interest in (or discover a great gift) here.