Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free E-book with Hardcover

Who is Mark Twain? is an anthology of twenty-four of Mark Twain's short fiction and non-fiction pieces, selected by Robert Hirst, general editor of the Mark Twain Project at the University of California, Berkeley. The interesting thing about this particular book is that Powell's is offering a free e-book version of the book to purchasers of the hardcover (and the hardcover is on sale for $14). Powell's explains the details:
Purchase the hardcover edition of Who Is Mark Twain? and you'll immediately receive a link to the PDF eBook version of the book. Download the file (which can be read in any PDF reader, including Adobe Acrobat) and you'll be enjoying the book in moments. Just the thing to tide you over while you wait for your hardcover copy to arrive!
As e-readers become more and more prevalent, I suspect this idea will catch on. You can pay one price to get a book in several formats, allowing you to mix and match your reading experience to fit the circumstances.

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Kathryn said...

You can visit for more on Twain and the book. HarperStudio is sponsoring a writing contest to find the next Mark Twain, so check it out!