Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Should C.E.O.’s read novels?

In a New York Times editorial yesterday, David Brooks asked the question, “Should C.E.O.’s read novels?” Brooks concludes that the most successful C.E.O.’s are “humble, diffident, relentless and a bit unidimensional” and “not the most exciting people to be around.” In other words, not the novel-reading type.

While Brooks may be right about the personality traits and skills shared by many successful C.E.O.’s, I’m not sure I agree with his implication that people with such traits and skills don’t (or shouldn’t) read novels. It comes down to whether reading novels forms character or whether all types of characters can enjoy novels. Personally, I believe there’s a novel out there for every type of person, including C.E.O.’s. Ayn Rand wouldn’t have such a large following if that weren’t the case.

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Zibilee said...

I definitely think that C.E.O.'s should read novels, but then again I think almost everyone should read novels!