Friday, June 26, 2009

The ABCs of Amazon

Following Google, Amazon has added “auto-complete” functionality to its search box. As you’re typing, the search box now suggests terms you might be searching for. So, for example, if you type “Dan,” you’ll get the suggestion “Dan Brown.” C. Max Magee at The Millions (via MobyLives) explores this “peek into the reading habits of America” with ”the ABCs of Amazon.” The list begins:
  • Angels & Demons
  • Breaking Dawn (The first of several Stephenie Meyer appearances)
  • Charlaine Harris
Check out the full list here. It’s either interesting or depressing, depending on your point of view.


Lit and Life said...

I'm going with depressing! It's not until you get to Z before you get anything that didn't just happen yesterday. The only good news is that a few months from now, the list will probably (hopefully) be different!

An Anonymous Child said...

It's interesting and simultaneously depressing. I like seeing what interests people but it's depressing that Stephenie Meyer and vampires rule the list so completely... Understandable, but a little sad.