Monday, March 24, 2008

Little Heathens by Mildred Armstrong Kalish (a review)

1 out of 5: I don’t get it. Everyone loved this book—the New York Times Book Review named it one of the 10 best books of 2007. Really? There are chapters on frugality and outhouse pranks and nut gathering. Cold winters and back-breaking chores abound, but none of it held my interest. Despite the slimness of the volume, I struggled to finish. This memoir reads like an disjointed collection of encyclopedia entries pertaining to country life rather than a living, breathing experience.

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Frances said...

How old are you and what do you do for a living? That may explain your lack of interest in this book. I would guess, based on my own life, that being older and living in a "real" world would make these experiences much more interesting to hear about. I am 60, grow my own food. I get it, for sure!