Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Unable to Fetch"

After 400 years of living on the edge, people at the historic Bodleian Library at Oxford University are concerned about safety. Specifically, Oxford's Health and Safety officer has banned the use of stepladders to reach books on the upper level of the Duke Humfrey reading room. As noted in an article in the UK’s Daily Mail, the ladders "have been used by scholars to reach books since the library was built more than 400 years ago." Even more preposterous is the university's refusal to move the books from their now inaccessible "original historic location." Students requesting such books receive the following response: "Unable to fetch, book kept on top shelf in gallery. Due to new health and safety measures, stepladders can no longer be used."

(Via MobyLives)


Meytal Radzinski said...

At least the students now have a good excuse for not doing their homework: "Sorry I couldn't write my paper... the book I needed was up at the top and I wasn't allowed to get it!"

Zibilee said...

That is absolutely ridiculous!