Friday, July 31, 2009

Books = Money Wasters

In an article titled Money Wasters to Avoid, the Baltimore Sun advises against buying books in this tough economy. Obviously, this advice comes from a non-reader: “Some books are nice to have - like your favorite one, for example. But really, buying the newest hardcover Jodi Picoult because you can not wait to get it from the library - not very smart.”

Now, really, are we supposed to make due with only one favorite book? I prefer Megan Halpern’s take on the topic over at MobyLives:

In fact, now is the time to buy books. Spending $25 on a hardcover goes a long way: a book is something to own, cherish, share, and read over and over again. A far more sound entertainment investment than a night at the movies, or dinner out on the town (although both things that I won’t be giving up either!). So support your local bookstores and show the Baltimore Sun that we haven’t forgotten how much of a treasure a book is.

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Zibilee said...

I don't think that buying a book is wasting money at all! If you calculate the hours of entertainment you can squeeze out of just one book, vs. the two hours you spend on a movie, the book seems the far better value. And it is also true that you can read the same book more than once, and that ups the value even more. I think people that advise giving up book purchases are not really very bright, but that's just my opinion.