Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pennsylvania Libraries in Jeopardy

Due to a two-month state budget impasse, the Library Journal reports that Pennsylvania's public libraries are in jeopardy. A lack of funding has already forced one branch to close (the Allentown South Branch), and others are preparing to close if relief doesn't come soon.

Philadelpha is facing what the city calls "'the most radical, painful, and unprecedented dismantling of City government'" since 1951, including the closing of all libraries and recreation centers, and massive cuts in almost all departments."


Harvey said...


Thanks so much for publicizing this. I'm on the Board of Trustees of our county library system (Dauphin County, PA), and although we'll survive even the worst proposed cuts, there will have to be dramatic cutbacks in our services. It's an outrage.


Zibilee said...

This is so sad to hear! I would hate to live in a community that has lost or is losing their library. I hope something can be done to avert this crisis.

Lisa said...

Our public library system is taking big hits in the new budget, too. So frustrating, particularly when you consider how much they are used.