Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Confessions of a Book Addict

In the Wall Street Journal, Luc Sante has an entertaining essay about how his personal library has devoured his life. An interesting tidbit:

"If you allow yourself to really feel and absorb the style of a good writer, you will take in his or her vocabulary, frame of reference, sense of humor, and at least temporarily make it your own. It is a bit like the stories of cannibals eating their adversaries' brains in order to acquire their strengths and skills, only with books no one gets hurt."


Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen, I'm on the LT bookRing as well, and was browsing my way through it tonight. You have a great site, I like the short and to the point entries, with relevant graphics. Love the quote from the WSJ, I'm going to look up the entire article ("like cannibals ...but no one gets hurt" that's funny!)

Gwen Dawson said...


Thanks for your comment, and I'm glad you're enjoying the blog.