Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where are all the Kindles?

Recent reports suggest Amazon has sold 240,000 Kindles since November and may sell 380,000 this year. Shelf Awareness has collected a few responses from puzzled booksellers:

Tom Allen, general manager of Stacey's Bookstore, San Francisco, Calif., wrote: "I would assume that a significant share [of Kindle sales] would have been purchased in the Bay Area. However, I find it odd that I have yet to see one in action. I ride BART to and from work five days a week and see dozens (hundreds?) of iPods every week and a laptop or two or three every day, but nary a Kindle. Who has them and where are they? Wouldn't reading one while commuting be a primary use?"

And Rob Dougherty, manager of the Clinton Book Shop, Clinton, N.J., said, "To date, only three individuals who have come into the shop have even mentioned having or having had the Kindle. I say 'having had' because one individual lost their Kindle. We talked about how it is so much easier to replace a $6.99 paperback as opposed to a little box they paid hundreds for."

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Lisa said...

oooh, I've got one! I've got one!! Today is my 40th birthday and that's what i got!! I'll be happy to show it off anytime...