Friday, October 3, 2008

The World’s Best Paid Authors

As reported by Forbes, the top ten best-paid authors made a total of $563 million between June 1, 2007 and June 1, 2008:
  • J.K. Rowling—$300 million
  • James Patterson—$50 million
  • Stephen King—$45 million
  • Tom Clancy—$35 million
  • Danielle Steel—$30 million
  • John Grisham—$25 million
  • Dean Koontz—$25 million
  • Ken Follett—$20 million
  • Janet Evanovich—$17 million
  • Nicholas Sparks—$16 million

I’m surprised I haven’t read any books by any of the top ten best-paid authors. Okay, maybe I’m not. I do have Lisey’s Story (King’s foray into literary fiction) on my bookshelf, and maybe I’ll get around to reading it one day.


Harvey said...

Look at that list and you understand much of what's wrong with the publishing industry today. Think about how many great writers aren't getting published or, if they somehow manage to get into print have their work underpublicized and therefore neglected. When I see names like Patterson and Steel I think of Wall Street CEOs and their bloated compensation.

Jeane said...

I've read Rowling but none of the other authors on this list have ever interested me.

Amy said...

What?!? You haven't read Harry Potter?

Aren't you curious enough to at least read the first one?

Gwen Dawson said...

Harry Potter doesn't appeal to me for some reason I can't explain. I suppose I'm somewhat curious but not enough to pick up the book when there are hundreds of books I'd love to read even more.

Anonymous said...

Harry Potter is well worth the read...the first book will take you only a few hours and it will open communication lines with your children one day...a young reader's Lord of the Rings.

The others aren't worth any amount of your time...