Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Literary Secret Santa

HTMLGIANT (“the internet literature magazine blog of the future”) is hosting the First Annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange to support independent literature. If you want to participate, email your name and mailing address to htmlgiant AT gmail DOT com with the subject line “SECRET SANTA” by Midnight on Friday, December 5th. HTMLGIANT will e-mail you the name and address of your assigned gift recipient, and you send a gift before Christmas. Get all the details here.

The whole point is to support independent literature while being exposed to something new. HTMLGIANT has a few suggestions:

Buy a subscription to your favorite independent journal. Or buy a subscription to an independent journal you’ve heard good things about. Buy a book from one of the many small presses around the scene. Buy a book by an independent author.
Buy a book in translation. Buy an anthology of work published by one of the many online literary journals.
Sounds like a great idea (and a logistical nightmare).

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