Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Galley Giveaway: Rule Change

I’ve heard from some of you that you’re having trouble answering the question to be entered into the drawing to receive one of ten advanced copies of Filip Florian’s Little Fingers (for more information about the book, see the post immediately below this one). Some of you are having difficulty narrowing down your choice, while others are just having a busy week. I sympathize (I’m having a busy week, too), so I’m changing the rules. If you want a chance to get one of these galleys, just e-mail me your name and address (litlicense AT gmail DOT com). It doesn’t get any easier than that. For those of you who are overachievers (and thanks to those who have already sent me your thoughtful answers), send me your answer to the question, and I’ll enter you in the random drawing twice. Your extra effort will give you a better shot at snagging a copy. Good luck!

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