Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1 Year, 365 Books

The New York Times recently profiled Nina Sankovitch, a book lover who pledged to read a book a day for a year, beginning on her 46th birthday. Sankovitch also reviews the daily books she reads on her blog Read All Day, and her reviews are quite substantial, especially considering she’s writing one every day. While it might not always be easy to finish a book every single day (she got started on a book at 10 pm on Christmas Day, for example), she’s “getting to do what she really enjoys.” Learn more about the 365 Project here.


rjnagle said...

By the way, check the URL; it doesn't work. (need to add an HTTP).

I was skeptical of this woman and this project until I looked over some of her titles, which seem respectable (as are her reviews).

I guess I have to wonder how she arranges her life to make it possible to read all those books. I think I do an extraordinary amount of reading, but I could never hope to read a 1/10 of what this woman does (or 1/3 of what you read). (Hey, I'm just making up these fractions. I have no idea how much I or you ever read).

i am struck by

1)how much I read online vs. books. this actually is not a good thing. Online has too much ephemeral stuff.

2)how much my creative writing gets in the way of reading. Sadly, I conclude that I am more interested in my own writing than that of other people.

rjnagle said...

On the other hand, I don't know if I would giving myself internal pressure to read a book that often. Literary enjoyment comes from lack of encumbrance. Reading books should not feel like an assignment.

Lisa said...

A book a day seems to hardly give the reader any chance to enjoy each book. And whenever I feel like I have to finish a book by a certain time, it makes it more like work than pleasure.

Zibilee said...

This sounds like a crazy commitment to keep, and like the above poster, I wonder if she is actually getting enjoyment out of what she is reading. I would feel a tremendous amount of pressure if I made that kind of goal for myself, but I guess she isn't complaining about it.