Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Red Book by Carl Jung

The Red Book
Norton has just published a gorgeous edition of The Red Book, Carl Jung's long unpublished journal of inner exploration. A Shelf Awareness story describes the edition as an “elaborate, leather-bound book that resembles a medieval illustrated manuscript.” In conjunction with publication of The Red Book, the Rubin Museum in New York City is running an exhibit featuring the original Red Book, which has been previously hidden from public view.

Sonu Shamdasani, editor and one of the translators of The Red Book and a Jung scholar, explains that Jung began writing The Red Book in 1914 as a way "to explore his fantasies and to think mystically." His writing in the book continued for 16 years.

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Andre said...

I just received my copy a couple of days ago. The concepts are cloudy, raw and intimate. As a piece of art the book is well worth its cover price (110$ on amazon). However, don't plan on being able to understand the world the jung created, as he himself could barely derive meaning from it. His writing was unusually schizophrenic and for an INTP personality type, very religious. It was an interesting read and any aspiring psychologist would be wise to pick it up. Its a priceless part of psychoanalytic thought.