Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 Days of Books: The Summary

Over the last 12 days, I've posted 12 gift ideas for booklovers. Here's the list again with links to the individual posts:

1. A subscription to One Story ($21)
2. membership ($45 and up)
3. Booklovers calendar ($10)
4. Open Letter Subscription (starting at $65)
5. Tower of books (price varies depending on the books)
6. An Indiebound t-shirt ($20-30, depending on design)
7. Indiespensable subscription (starting at $40)
8. Books about Books (under $15)
9. A gift card to a local, independent bookstore
10. A really good book light (about $15)
11. membership ($29.95)
12. A signed copy of a book (price varies dramatically)

Happy Holidays!


Anna van Gelderen said...

Thanks for the excellent and original suggestions. I like them a lot better than the useless coffee table books and inane celebrity biographies people are supposed to give for Christmas.

nan said...

Thanks especially for the book light recommendation -- that's an issue we've been struggling with for years in my household; I ordered two on the theory that putting one in my own stocking is OK if it contributes to marital harmony ....